On the terrace of a famous Parisian palace, we met Mr. Kenzo Takada in July 2015 to present our collaboration to the public.
According to the wishes of this immense creator and artist, we have derived our patented model from the XO HAVANA cigar in white and with a silicone skin texture, and developed 4 unique flavors with the Parisian liquid manufacturer: Liquideo.

4 detectable flavors thanks to its famous derivative flower logo in 4 different colors.

We are proud to have been able to collaborate with this man who will forever mark the history of world fashion and who knew how to notice and anticipate with us the link to be made between the vape and fashion.

Kenzo Takada Smarty Q e-cigarette et XO HAVANA e-cigare

Smarty Q XO HAVANA e-cigare Kenzo Takada

KENZO TAKADA cigarette electronique XO HAVANA Smarty Q