Our recycling program


At XO, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products, respecting the environment and constantly bringing positive change to our world.

For this reason, we have created our ESR (corporate social responsibility) policy around four axes: Ecological Footprint, Products, Customers and Human Rights

It is important to be in contact with the stakeholders, that is to say all the parties concerned by our activities, this allows us to define what are the main impacts of XO, to reduce the negative effects and maximize the positive ones. We invite you to contact us and engage in an interactive dialogue with us, ask questions and comment on our commitments. Help us improve!



Gradually reduce our ecological footprint by addressing the environmental impacts of our products one by one.


At XO HAVANA, we feel responsible and we understand the impact on the environment that our industry can generate. This is why we have taken radical measures, in 4 points, which we explain below.

Manufacturing and producing as close as possible to our customers.
In order to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible, we have decided to work with local companies for the manufacture and development of 80% of our products (packaging, assembly, storage, shipping, etc. ) It also allows us to better control our product flow and to be much more responsive in delivery. We only use recycled materials for the manufacture of packaging (paper) and product presentation (natural wood). We import 100% recyclable plastic tubes and batteries that we recondition from a single supplier. The rest is produced locally.

Recycle at points of sale
We provide each point of sale that sells our products a display in natural wood and without glue. This display has a tank we call "RECYBOX", which allows users of the XO HAVANA cigar to return to the store to drop off their used cigars. We take care of the waste generated in the store and store it. Once we have enough waste, we send it to local recycling companies to ensure it is properly handled. Also we recover each battery which is reconditioned and reused.

Recycle online
We have set up a system to collect used cigars from our customers who buy only on our website. From the 4th order and / or 165 euros of total purchase, our customers have the option of receiving a prepaid envelope and shipping label with their next order, to send us their waste, this is handled locally from the same way as for our points of sale.

Participate financially in the repair and balance of the planet
We believe that industrialists and businessmen like us who use the planet's resources to satisfy commercial needs should bear part of the costs of "rehabilitating" the sectors affected by industrialization.

We are convinced that being able to continue consuming in the future can only be done responsibly and we have taken the initiative to donate a percentage of the value of each of the products we sell.

We have chosen to financially support the Leonardo DiCaprio Independent International Foundation (LDF/Rewild - https://www. rewild. org/), which has acted for more than 20 years as a regulator of the planet and which must have the necessary means at the level of responsibility. The Rewild Foundation fights daily to protect geographical areas at risk, against the extinction of animal species and entire populations, which suffer from our daily consumption system. We believe that the more financially sound this foundation is, the more balanced the planet will be, which is why we have chosen to actively help it.

With this gesture that we consider today essential for the survival of the planet, we intend to weigh our environmental footprint but also and above all we want the large multinationals to join us in this process to give quickly to the foundation the means necessary to generate a great impact.
(Imagine, for example, that an airline pays 20 euro cents to Rewild per seat sold, that would be a positive change!)

We pay monthly and in the most transparent way a amount for each product we sold. It is a voluntary donation and an initiative that every company could implement.

We consider it essential that any company that has an impact on the environment and makes financial gains takes responsibility by doing a simple gesture that could radically change everyone's future.

Finally, here are the fixed amounts in US dollars that we donate to the foundation per product sold in each sales sector:

XO cigar: 0 . $65
Cigar Holder: $0.49

XO Cigar: 0. $25
Cigar Holder: $0.30

XO Cigar: 0. $12
Cigar Holder: $0.19



To continue to be the market leader, and to offer the best quality and the safest products.


  • Offering a healthy alternative to cigarettes
    • At XO we are committed to keeping you informed about medical studies on electronic cigarettes, to ensure that our products are safe for you and those around you. Below are recent medical studies.
    • Our products are RoHS certified, a directive that limits hazardous components to six in the manufacture of electrical and electronic products. RoHS also strives to keep damage to third world peoples and lands, which unfortunately often serve as a dumping ground for technological releases, very low. RoHS also brings very good social plans to employees in the electronics industry.
    • SGS ensures that all manufactured products comply with European Union standards.
    • And finally our products are CE certified, which means that they comply with European Directives on consumer safety, health and environmental laws.
  • Offer the most advanced technology possible
    • XO is the newest and most innovative e-cigarette technology, and we want to make significant investments in the development of this product, in order to always offer the best.
  • Providing the best quality liquid nicotine
    • We have chosen our liquid nicotine from a recognized supplier and we work in agreement with them in order to present the best quality on the market. All of our liquid nicotine products have been medically tested and officially approved.

The American Association of Public Health Physicists (2010) shows its support for electronic cigarettes and believes that the effects of passive smoking will be reduced through its use. Click here to download the full document.

Researchers from Boston University School of Public Health (2010) concluded that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than real cigarettes. Their level of carcinogens is 1000 times lower than that of real cigarettes. Click here to download the full document.

Health New Zealand Ltd (2008) demonstrated that smokers smoke for the nicotine but do not die from it; they die because of the smoke. HNZ Ltd believes that society must now differentiate between very harmful smoking (traditional cigarettes) and safe smoking (e-cigarettes). The cartridge of the electronic cigarette does not contain carcinogenic levels of TSNAs, therefore cannot cause cancer. The “smoke” exhaled by the electronic cigarette smoker contains almost no nicotine and no CO, which does not represent any danger for the people around; electronic cigarettes are allowed in non-smoking areas. Click here to download the full document.



To ensure that our customers are informed and satisfied.


  • Informing our customers
    • At XO, we want our customers to use our products safely, and to do so we want to inform them as best as possible, so that they find satisfaction in this new way of smoking. That's why we email them a health and safety charter each time they order one of our products. We have also included a section on our website dedicated to documentation, where they can find all the information they need.
  • Protecting our customers
    • The privacy of our customers is important to us; click here to read our privacy policy.
  • Giving our customers the opportunity to comment on our products and our service
    • At XO we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations, and we want to make sure we do a good job, which is why we have set up a blog linked to our website, where our customers can send us comments at any time.



Gradually reduce our footprint by improving our impact on the environment.


  • Reduce our packaging as much as possible
    • At XO we have designed the packaging of our consumables to use as few materials as possible while maintaining the same standards of safety and quality. Upon receipt of the products ordered, our consumer realizes that all unnecessary packaging has been eliminated.
  • Recycling
    • Global warming is a problem that affects us all. We want to find solutions. Our goal for 2023 is to communicate more about our effective recycling system. Contact us and we will organize a collection by specialized carrier.



Respect for human rights


  • A lasting relationship with our suppliers
    • We have chosen our suppliers carefully to manufacture our products, and in order to preserve the quality of our collaboration, we base our relationship on respect, communication, integrity and excellence.
  • Creating a common code of conduct
    • We are responsible for how we run our business, and even though some parts of our products are made by a third party, we want to make sure that the employees who make XO are in a healthy and fair environment, and for that we have created a code of conduct that respects these values ​​and we only deal with suppliers who adhere to this charter. Click here to download it.

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